Miki Klocke – Photographer, Glass Artist, Author

Miki Klocke

Fused Glass.  Photography.  Author.  Alzheimer's Advocate.

I am called to many things …

I’ve never felt the call to do just one thing in my life, my soul excites to many creative yearnings, I believe in embracing the “&” in life. We are many things & more … - Miki Klocke

My Work

stunning photography + words that will warm your heart

Beyond Caregiving

"…this is like sitting down with a friend who knows what it’s like.” – Jodi Womack, author of Get Momentum.

tweets from the dog

Tweets from the Dog is a playful, soulful tribute to the joy our dogs bring into our lives.

i dream of the sea

When you long for sand between your toes and spectacular sunsets open this book for a visual and poetic adventure from coast to coast.

My inspiration for both my fused glass and photography begins with my love of the oceans and beaches. The majority of my photographic images are of my favorite coastal regions. The color choices for my fused glass creations are often hues found of and near the sea. To honor my inspiration I donate to the Surfrider Foundation.