Miki Klocke – Photographer, Glass Artist, Author


I’ve never felt the call to do just one thing in my life, my soul excites to many creative yearnings, I believe in embracing the “&” in life. We are many things & more…

My passion for photography began in my early teens. My county fair blue ribbon winning image was shot with a Vivitar Instamatic. I graduated from Colorado Mountain College with a degree in photography, a love of black and white images and an admiration and devotion to nature.

I spent a few years refining my ideas of capturing the canine image as art.  I found that black and white offers me the ability to truly capture the soul of the individual canine. My Landscape and Coastal photography are the result of a preference to be outside….which offers the opportunity to be witness to the amazing world we inhabit. 

While on a road trip in northern California I discovered an intensive week long fused glass workshop…and was instantly hooked. As with road trips, fused glass is a wide world with many facets to explore. Inspiration for my fused glass art comes from nature, be it in the colors I chose or the actual art itself. During my first show at the Ojai, CA Lavender Festival, patrons often commented that my fused glass flower gardens made them smile…I can’t think of a higher compliment.

An opportunity to collaborate on a book project offered me an outside of the box way to share my photography and explore writing. Now with three published books and more coming, I am a big believer in outside-the-box thinking!

I was a caregiver to my Mom through 17 years of Alzheimer’s disease. I had promised her that I would share our story, and I have, in my book “Alzheimer’s: Beyond Caregiving” I will continue to be an advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness as well as the forgotten needs of the Alzheimer’s caregiver. 

I hope that I will continue to recognize the opportunities that come from the constant change that is this life and look forward to the new directions and discoveries that will come my way-be they in photography, fused glass, writing & new passions waiting to be found.