Miki Klocke – Photographer, Glass Artist, Author

Alzheimer’s Advocacy

My Mom, Jan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was 56 years old and still working two jobs. I was 33 and became her full time caregiver. All plans and dreams of her future and my own halted, never to be obtained. Read my book, Alzheimer’s: Beyond Caregiving for a visual and poetic journey through 17 years of caregiving challenges, shame and grief.

Beyond Caregiving

"…this is like sitting down with a friend who knows what it’s like.” – Jodi Womack, author of Get Momentum.

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My ultimate hope for Alzheimer's: Beyond Caregiving is that it be available for free to any all caregivers of those with Alzheimer's Disease. If you wish to purchase 100 or more books at a discounted bulk rate and donate them to the Alzheimer's Association I will add a sticker to those specific books acknowledging your donation. They may include an "in memory of" or "dedicated to" if you so choose. Please contact me for more information at Miki@MikiKlocke.com.

Miki Klocke, the author of Alzheimer’s: Beyond Caregiving, is one of over 150 authors from around the world who will be represented at the Alzheimer’s Association - Western Carolina Chapter's Dementia Education conference in Charlotte, N.C., this August. Klocke and over 25 other AlzAuthors have donated copies of their books, which will be given away in a raffle to conference attendees. ...download the press release here to find out more information